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Statement Savings

No matter if you’re saving for a shiny new car or for a rainy day—we can help you get there! If you need the flexibility to make deposits or withdrawals electronically, our Statement Savings account may be what you need.

Money Market Investor

If you want to boost your savings efforts by earning a competitive interest rate, our Money Market Investor can help you reach your goals faster. Unlike a traditional savings account, this combination checking/savings account lets you write checks directly from your account.

Student Savings

It’s never too early to start making savings a habit. Whether you’re a parent teaching your young child the benefits of saving or a high school student saving for your first car, our convenient Student Savings account will introduce you to the fundamentals of saving. Student Savings accounts are for those from birth to age 18, and these accounts will automatically convert to a Statement Savings account on the child’s 18th birthday.

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For complete account details, including transaction limitations, see our Account Disclosures & Fee Schedule.

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